Vegetarian dishes are healthy and contain non-animal sources of protein. This kind of food tends to be incomplete. Hence, when you are vegetarian you have to combine a variety of vegetables and legumes to complete your dietary needs.

Vegetarian Dishes

Those healthy dishes contain non-animal sources of protein and tend to be incomplete. Despite containing all 9 amino-acids they do not have the amount needed to support the body function. Hence, if you are on such a diet, the trick is to combine a few types of ingredients and products– aka Mexican beans with rice, Indian and Mediterranean food are also rich and known for richness in vegetable ingredients. When combining different types of non-animal food ingredients, you end up getting the 9 essential amino acids for the normal functioning of our body. It is important to know that the key for a healthy meat free diet is the variety of its products.

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The first mujadara recipe was recorded in 1226. Back then, it was the food of choice for rich and poor people. They cooked it with meat and bulgur accordingly. In the Middle East, Mujadara has many variations. They cook it with brown or green lentils while combining it with rice or bulgur. All types of mujadara are topped with caramelized onions and served with side dishes. In south Lebanon, they cook mujadara with bulgur and serve it with yogurt or Fattoush. This dish was one of the few vegan dishes my late father loved to eat. Click here for the recipe