Food and recipes are the blueprint of our culture and we carry it wherever we go. Yet, when we leave our nurturing environment, we start adopting outsourced food from the food industry. Our desires become influenced by food giants who do not care about a healthy diet – Although, the labels sometimes show the opposite. Our healthy relationship with food goes down the sewer.

Culture / Food/ Recipes

How Did my Story with Recipes Begin?

All my memories about food are linked to my childhood and my Mediterranean up-bring. This culture was the dominant that defined the ingredients I have always used. At the age of seventeen, I moved to Eastern Europe, Bulgaria. In this country, I started aligning my medical future. The load of study and lack of time had a bad influence on my habits as a consumer. The results were acute gastritis and health deterioration. Thereby, I decided to go back to my roots. As a student, I had to design a healthful and affordable diet that fits my hectic time and pocket. Hence, salads and soups were the main plates of my diet. I could make a variety of those plates with different wholesome affordable ingredients. The bottom line is to stick to a healthier diet and never substitute your daily food intake with processed food which is always easier to access.  

Science of Recipes and Obsession

The food itself becomes an obsession. Our relationship with food is similar to a love story with a happy or dramatic ending. We must know how to live in symbiosis with food and this can happen when we have skills and knowledge about food. Our body is our temple and we must treat it as such. As the host of this temple, we must be aware and selective about the things we let in our bodies.​ The art of cooking combines skills and knowledge about ingredients. The ultimate goal of cooking is to create a healthy diet. A balanced diet lowers the risk of chronic disease linked to obesity, cancer, and prevents detrimental outcomes related to nutrient deficiency. Knowing the importance of a healthy diet gives us the right strategies on what type of food to choose and how to increase our access to different ingredients while choosing more affordable products.          

 In this blog, I will offer many authentic Mediterranean recipes, some of them are with a twist. Most of the presented recipes are energy-boosting with rich content of vegetarian protein. Others, are for fun and gathering with friends and extended family. I hope you will try them and share your experience. 

Create your Recipes and your Signature Dishes

I spent a big part of my life traveling between Europe and the Middle East. I have emerged in both cultures and took the things I like and love from both worlds. The kitchen makes no difference; it is the blueprint of every culture. I love the Mediterranean flavors, but I learned how to cook western food and tailor it to my taste and sparse time.  Cooking is experimenting and opening up to new cultures and traditions. My recipes are a compilation of the East and the West. When it is about sharing food, there is no collision or hate. There is only a shared love for food and cultures. However, most of my recipes are healthy and balanced, although there will be desserts and dough. The later is comfort food for fun and holidays when there is a family gathering. It is true that eating healthy and fresh food did not prevent me from hosting cancer but it helped tolerate the hustle of the treatment, surgery, and recovery. So my only advice is to go healthy no matter how much the road is rocky or bumpy.
Once you get used to cooking, you will start improvising and having your unique recipes.