Public Health Stomach Cancer

Public health stomach cancer and recommendations from a public health point of view. Unfortunately, there is no proven strategy for stomach cancer screening. However, you can always talk to your physician and schedule your screening program. Do never ignore H pylori infection and always seek medical advice. Refrigerate instead of pickling and adopt a healthier diet low in fat and higher in fibers.

We take preventive measures to decrease the risk of hosting cancer. The goal is to lower the number of new cases and also to decrease the number of deaths. All recommendations are based on scientifically proven information and are the results of many years of trials and observations. The guides aim to raise awareness among the population about the risk factors related to cancer and the protective measures we must take. Yet, we cannot avoid all risks related to cancer. Some risks can be avoided and are easy to follow, but others are inherited and cannot be bypassed. For instance, a healthy diet, physical activities, alcohol abuse, and smoking are the choices we make. Whereas, genes we inherit are factors we cannot choose or avoid. However, following the recommendations lower the risk of getting cancer but does not mean you will not be getting the disease.

Public Health Stomach Cancer Recommendations / Behavioral Change

Public Health Stomach Cancer Recommendations / Lifestyle

Public Health Stomach Cancer Recommendations / Screening / Family History