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Public health Liver cancer and recommendations from a public health point of view. Some risks can be avoided and are easy to follow, but others are inherited and cannot be bypassed. A healthy diet, physical activities, alcohol abuse, and smoking are the choices we make. Whereas genes we inherit are factors, we cannot choose or avoid. However, following the recommendations lower the risk of getting cancer but does not mean we are not at risk of hosting this illness.

First and foremost, preventing and treating hepatitis infections are the best way to prevent cirrhosis and the development of liver cancer. Avoiding alcohol abuse, smoking, and obesity all contribute to liver cancer prevention. There is no firm guideline or proven strategy for liver cancer screening. However, people with cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis B or C are at higher risk of liver cancer. Some Physicians suggest using a blood test called the alpha-fetoprotein (a protein produced by liver cancers) and ultrasound exams every six to 12 months. 

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