Nursing Homes in Canada COVID-19

Privacy Concern Vs Duty to Inform

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Nursing Homes in Canada COVID-19

Nursing homes in Canada COVID-19 struggling. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, long term care home residents are the most vulnerable to this infection. Many gaps exist in some of the existing 106 homes in Canada. The omitted violations are many and are related to poor management, non-sufficient education of staff, lack of enough spaces for residents’ accommodation. Another factor for death is the underlying health conditions those residents have.

Facts in Quebec

A private senior residence, Herron in Dorval Quebec, was described as a concentration camp. Residents were left soiled in their beds and unfed. The staff had left the private home in the middle of the outbreak, abandoning patients with deteriorated health conditions. Those patients were not able to look after themselves. The investigators also found 2 dead residents in their beds. A staff of 2 nurses was left to take care of a home with a capacity of nearly 150 beds. The results were a horror for the residents, their relatives, and 31 deaths.

Facts in Ontario

In Eatonville Care Residence, in Toronto, there is 31 reported death related to COVID-19. An investigation led by Toronto Star concluded that some public health units in Ontario are reporting more deaths than what has been reported by Ontario Public Health. The difference might be due to a reporting delay between the public health units in Ontario and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

The response of the Health Entities / Nursing Homes in Canada COVID-19

It is an absolute truth that the government never responds or acts unless there is a major complaint that was made public. The case in Quebec makes no difference. Although the responsible entities propagate the idea of being proactive, this home is a typical example of the negligence of the health system toward the elder population. The response of the Health Minister Danielle McCann came after an online Gazette publication about the home in Quebec. The Health Minister mandated a special health inspector to investigate the Herron Residence. In addition to the police and special health inspector investigation, a coroner`s are reviewing the cause of the tragedy that resulted in 33 deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Response of Prime Minister Trudeau / Nursing Homes in Canada COVID-19

The Prime Minister of Canada addressed the increasing rates of death in elderly homes. He announced that a different approach must be reached. He assured that he will be working to increase the wages of workers in such facilities and banning workers to provide services in several homes at the same time. Prime Minister Trudeau told reporters that he has been working along with the provincial leaders to change the curb of high fatalities related to COVID-19 in care facilities. Doug Ford also announced a new plan for stricter testing and access to personal protective equipment.

The Truth About Long Term Home Care / Nursing Homes in Canada COVID-19

The truth about long term care facilities is uncomfortable for many health entities. It seems nobody cares for the old population. Young people forget the simple truth about the older population. They do not acknowledge the role of our elderly had in society.

Privacy Concern Vs Duty to Inform

The revelation of deaths in long- term care homes in Ontario, Quebec, and confirmed cases among staff and residents, must be a duty. The Toronto Chief Medical health officer, Eileen De Villa, admitted that anxious families deserve information and more transparency regarding the conditions in long term care homes. Despite the chief medical officer announcement, some of the 34 public health units are refusing to provide information about deaths, active cases, and outbreak clusters. They rely on the confidentiality rule. With all respect to the public health unit, there is a duty to inform if there is a health risk. These crooked beliefs for confidentiality are putting the senior’s lives at stake. The Privacy Act is Fundamental to protect your personal information. There are strict rules for collecting, using and disclosing personal information. The revelation of information to outbreaks and death in long term home care has nothing to do with the Privacy Act or confidentiality but a way to hide the incompetent job of some health entities.role of our elderly had in society. 


I heard a story about an amazing veteran whose relatives are trying to transfer to the veteran ward at Sunnybrook hospital. I hope the transfer goes well for her and her relatives. I wish the transfer will give them peace in their hearts and minds. Yet, I still have thoughts regarding the other elderlies, I can’t stop thinking about equity among people. All elderlies must be treated as veterans, all had given something to the society. Hence, they must be treated equally and should have equal conditions before living this earth. The government must impose stringent measures and fines in care facilities. The horror is not new at those places, nor the negligence of the government towards their elderly. So, wake up and do something for those who gave you life. In modern society, getting older is equal to indignity, and death became the savor of older people. 


We look at our elderly with a crooked smile. We think how old and ugly they are, ignoring the simple rule of life, we all are getting there.
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