Frenzy Keto Diet Day 2

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Frenzy Keto Diet Day 2 - Recipes

What do we have in storage for day 2

It is day 2, and what does the frenzy keto diet day 2 have for us in-store? It is Soup of Mushroom and Cottage Cheese. It is a fresh soup made with fresh and popular ingredients. Once you taste the earthy taste of those products, you will replace your entire pantry and fridge with fresh and healthier food. What you need is a new habit and motivation. So, are you still motivated? If yes, you are ready for day 2. In this post, there is 1 recipe. However, feel free to shuffle with previous recipes at your convenience.

Things to remember

Always maintain the balance of carbs 5%, proteins 20%, and fats 70%. When calculating your daily calories, take into account your lifestyle. If your lifestyle includes physical activities, your daily intake must be higher, and the opposite is true. Please, click on the button bellow and go to the calorie intake guidelines. Never forget to drink daily at least 2 L of water. Drinking water helps to cleanse the body from toxic elements in the body.

Frenzy Keto Diet Day 2 - Soup of Mushroom and Cottage Cheese


Soup with Mushrooms and Cottage Cheese

Ingredients -Soup of Mushroom and Cottage Cheese

• 2 cups mushrooms • 50g cottage cheese • Parsley • 4 cups Chicken broth • ¼ cup parsley • 10 g butter • Salt to taste

Directions - Soup of Mushroom and Cottage Cheese

• In a pot, add the chicken broth and put on the oven at a medium heat • Rinse the mushrooms and cut into wedges • Add to the stock and wait until it boils • Add the cottage cheese • Let the mix boil for 5 min • Add the finely chopped parsley and butter • Now it is ready to eat. Bon appetit!

Nutritional value - Soup with Mushrooms and Cottage Cheese

3 cups of sliced mushrooms weigh 210 g. The 3 cups mushroom provide: • Calories 48 • Fat 0.6 g 50 g of cottage cheese provides: • Calories 49 • Fat 2.1g 3 cups of chicken broth provide: • Calories 114 • Fat 3g ½ cup chopped parsley provides: • Calories 11 • Fat 0.25g Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Safety Note

Always practice food safety guidelines when cooking. Wash, cook, and store at appropriate temperatures. Buy fresh products from reliable places.


Before dieting, do your research and check up the calorie guide to fit your daily needs. Cooking a healthy meal is an easy task if you know the basics about nutrients, labeling. Nevertheless, you must have a will to cook. Food labeling also is an important tool for food choices. It helps individuals making informed food decisions.

Nutritional Information

It always better when you calculate the nutritional value of a meal on your own. You can do it while using the nutritional guides posted on this site or the American guidelines for nutrition. Never rely on diet to cure a disease but on treatment and medical advice.


Nothing written on this website should be viewed as a substitute for medical care. Also, you should not undertake any changes in diet or exercise patterns without first consulting your physician, especially if you are currently being treated for any risk factor related to heart disease, high blood pressure, or adult-onset diabetes.

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