COVID-19 Worldwide Insight

COVID-19 worldwide Insight

Get COVID-19 worldwide Insight and make an informed decision. Scientific and non-biased information helps you take control of your life. So, please be informed!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a myriad of activities among scientists, world health organizations, and researchers. These activities led to evidence-based conclusions and guidelines. The latest is the foundation of informed decision making, surveillance, and better tracking among communities. The guidelines include not only personal hygiene, face covering, and distancing but also infection prevention and control. The information below is a COVID-19 worldwide insight.


All About COVID-19 Worldwide Insight

COVID 19 global measure, update, and health concern. Before starting, let’s recap what we know about the novel virus. First, evidence showed that the outbreak started when the novel virus jumped from bats to humans. While other scientists still say the animal that transmitted the virus is still unknown. Second, Researchers unanimously agree that the mode of transmission is humans to humans (after the virus jumped from animals to humans). Third, the novel virus is a respiratory virus, aka the means of transmission, are inhaled droplets from an infected person. Nevertheless, the infected droplets may land on surfaces, then the transmission becomes from surfaces to persons. Hence, rule number 1 is disinfection and adequate personal hygiene.

WHO Update COVID-19, discussed by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Some countries have been experiencing social and economic restrictions since the COVID-19 appearance. Therefore, some are debating when to lift these restrictions and when will be the appropriate time to get the economy work as before the pandemic stroke. Whatever the decision is, it has to be founded on human health and wellbeing.  The decision has to be guided on the pathology of the virus and our knowledge about its behavior.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, WHO has been focusing on the science behind the novel virus, and they have been taking all decisions accordingly.

A virus causing a lethal disease is imposing a COVID-19 revenge war on our greedy planet. The earth is sad, and humanity is bleeding. The virus rocked our existence and left us to the shadow of death and sorrow. There is no more sense of safety. We are scared and lonely. The universe is telling us the sad and dark stories of mankind’s despair. In my sadness and loneliness, a mini tiny diabolic creature appeared from nowhere to tell me a story about human greed.

Today the media is flooding with highlights, COVID-19 great recession. Bill Gates, in 2018, had predicted a recession-related to viruses. In an interview, in 2018, Bill Gates said: Bill Gates in April 2018: “There is one area, though, where the world isn’t making much progress, and that’s pandemic preparedness. This should concern us all because if history has taught us anything, it’s that there will be another deadly global pandemic.” Here we are, two years later, a new virus emerged and a state of a pandemic is declared. The COVID-19 pandemic is claiming thousands of lives and brought economies to a standstill, and put nations in chaos.

COVID-19 economic hardship is a human test. Whereas the novel virus is connected to the seafood or animal market in the Wuhan market, the results are devastating for humanity. A pandemic state was declared. The death toll continues to increase, not to mention the global economic hardship we will be going through. 

The epidemic in China started with a warning. Two months later,  governments have been declaring COVID-19 state of emergency. We did not assume the Chinese epidemic will spread globally and the shadow of death will become stronger. The World Health Organization declared a pandemic state. The war with the novel virus is insidious. According to WHO, the coronavirus cases are 402,055 globally, death tolls are 17,507, and recovered cases are 103,820. However, humans still believed they are invincible until the Italien nightmare. A coronavirus explosion in Italy, the cases are skyrocketing, and the deaths are increasing. As per today, Italy has 59,138 confirmed cases and 5476 total deaths.

The clinical coronavirus symptoms and  signs  of the patients reported in this cluster are mainly fever, with a few patients having difficulty in breathing and chest radiographs showing bilateral lung infiltrates. From the currently available information, preliminary investigation suggests that there is no significant human-to-human transmission, and no infections among health care workers have occurred. More information is required to better understand the mode of transmission and clinical manifestation of this new virus. The source of this new virus is not yet known.

The news is bombarding us with COVID 19 warning, new cases, deaths, and analysis. People are confused and haunted by fears for their lives and their loved ones. Political manipulations are hype. Some are accusing china of creating the virus, others threw the guilt at the US government. We are left with shadows of death and are lost in chaos and fears about our future and existence. Wherever we are, the fears are similar, and the manipulation is global.

Do we know COVID-19 truth? How long will it take to introduce a vaccine against COVID-19? Why so many protective measures and guidelines we have to follow? The outlined measures are to slow the novel virus killer until new information regarding the virus is available? Public health entities publish guidance on how to act to be safe. Globally, governments focus on the safety of their citizens. Some countries have more to do to protect their citizens and reluctantly practice social distancing, while others declared a state of emergency even lockdown to protect their citizens.

A new type of this virus causing the outbreak is different from the human coronaviruses that have been discovered, and further understanding of the virus requires further scientific research.

Nursing homes in Canada COVID-19 struggling. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, long term care home residents are the most vulnerable to this infection. Many gaps exist in some of the existing 106 homes in Canada. The omitted violations are many and are related to poor management, non-sufficient education of staff, lack of enough spaces for residents’ accommodation. Another factor for death is the underlying health conditions those residents have.

We all love food, but we are not always aware of the potential harm it can cause when it is contaminated. Foodborne diseases start from the ingestion of contaminated food or water with pathogenic agents – Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and toxins. Many people around the world are affected. Most susceptible to foodborne illnesses are children and the elderly. The information below tends to give some tips to avoid some of the related illnesses to food. The classifications below are for general guidance only