COVID-19 State of Emergency

Epidemic to Pandemic / COVID-19 State of Emergency

The epidemic in China started with a warning. Two months later,  governments have been declaring COVID-19 state of emergency. We did not assume the Chinese epidemic will spread globally and the shadow of death will become stronger. The World Health Organization declared a pandemic state. The war with the novel virus is insidious. According to WHO, the coronavirus cases are 402,055 globally, death tolls are 17,507, and recovered cases are 103,820. However, humans still believed they are invincible until the Italien nightmare. A coronavirus explosion in Italy, the cases are skyrocketing, and the deaths are increasing. As per today, Italy has 59,138 confirmed cases and 5476 total deaths.

Bad Dream or Real Nightmare / COVID-19 State of Emergency

Many governments declared the COVID-19 State of Emergency. The media has been sending warnings – Stay home COVID-19. No, it is not a bad dream but a real nightmare. Is it the beginning of the nightmare or the worst is first to come. It is not an illusion, the statistics are cruel, and the danger for humanity’s wellbeing is real. There is no vaccine, nor a cure for the virus. The only hope is that your immune system will conquer the disease. Hence, STAY AT HOME, BE GOOD TO YOURSELF AND PEOPLE AROUND YOU! I hope tomorrow will bring hope and a better future.

COVID-19 & People at Higher Risk / COVID-19 State of Emergency

The World Health Organization has already declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. Yet, most of the countries affected, in the world, are declaring a state of emergency, Yet, are we prepared for this virus war against humanity. Do governments have the appropriate resource to defeat the novel virus? Are the measures adequate? How the affected population is adapting to the dynamic changes? Usually, when there is a wave of influenza caused by a virus there is a group of the population at higher risk; however, the novel coronavirus puts everyone at high risk. The death toll is among the population wit underlying disease. Being at risk does not mean you will get infected with the novel coronavirus. Hence, governments are taking stringent measures to protect their citizens.

Government Approach / COVID-19 State of Emergency

Governments tirelessly have been focusing on their citizens’ wellbeing. Some governments declared lockdown and citizens must stay at home, other countries are still practicing a more democratic approach.

Important Measures

The foremost measures are social distancing, quarantine, and isolation. Those measures are crucial for mitigating potential new cases and decreasing the social and economic burden in the affected countries. Health entities across the world have been warning citizens to stay at home and to avoid gathering. The restaurant industry and many others closed, and some started working from home. Despite the imposed recommendations and restrictions, social media is flooding with images showing parties and social gatherings. Those images depict the irresponsible behavior of some citizens. This conduct may lead to stronger measures and enforcements. 


What Does Social Distancing Mean?

Since the virus is transmitted from person to person via droplets social gathering has been prohibited. Schools stopped the educational process and some workplaces started online working.  Citizens are advised to keep 2 meters distance. 

What Does Quarantine Mean?

Being under quarantine does not mean the person is infected, it means the individual is a suspected case. The quarantine is a long as the period of the incubation period – The time needed for the symptoms to appear.


What Does Isolation Mean?

An isolated person is a positive case of the disease. The isolated person must stay isolated as long as he or she is contagious to others.

Hand Washing

Wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds. Do not touch your mouth when and use hand sanitizer when you are out.

Surface Disinfection

Disinfectants and soaps are very effective since the virus has an oily coat. Yet, this oily coat is rendered ineffective when surfaces are disinfected. In this case, the virus loses its ability to infect a potential host.

Stay Home

There is no vaccine, nor a cure for the virus. The only hope is that your immune system will conquer the disease. Hence, STAY AT HOME, BE GOOD TO YOURSELF AND PEOPLE AROUND YOU! I hope tomorrow will bring hope and a better future.
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