COVID-19 Revenge War

I am here to shake your sinistre world and greedy existence. Live in peace with no greed. Fight only for social equity, a better world for all, and against viruses. Will humanity prevail?

COVID-19 Revenge Law

A virus causing a lethal disease is imposing a COVID-19 revenge war on our greedy planet. The earth is sad, and humanity is bleeding. The virus rocked our existence and left us to the shadow of death and sorrow. There is no more sense of safety. We are scared and lonely. The universe is telling us the sad and dark stories of mankind’s despair. In my sadness and loneliness, a mini tiny diabolic creature appeared from nowhere to tell me a story about human greed.

Little Despicable Crown / COVID-19 Revenge War

This little thing ominous has a surface covered with spikes. Although those spikes looked like a crown. This living thing scared me to death. Those little projections on this little entity seemed hungry for human blood.  I named this little thing Crown.The crown moved its spike in slow motions and started producing sounds. The sound became letters then comprehensive words and sentences.

Human Behavior / COVID-19 Revenge War

Crown: I am here to shake your sisinstre world and shake your greedy existence.
In my sadness and pain, I uttered: What have we done to deserve such a sinister verdict?
Crown: You have shaken your humanity and collapsed your society.
Me: What Do you mean?
Crown: Human actions have accelerated the disappearance of biological resources. Your greed and sense of superiority pushed animal species to extinction. You have been busy polluting the earth and sawing off the limbs. You have destroyed and degraded the earth’s biodiversity. For ages, you have been increasing ecological footprints.  

Human Limitations

Me: Isn’t our intelligence what makes us more special among other species? Isn’t everything built upon scientific foundations and human morals?
Crown: Your answer shows nothing but human superiority and a sense of invincibility. I am here to let you realize the limitations of human intelligence when facing nature rage.
Me: Why are you so vindictive?
Crown: I am not vindictive. My existence is the result of your actions. I was created by several mutations and adapted to humans’ environment. I am here to teach you a lesson a lesson about your vulnerability.                                                                                                                                                                             

Economy Standstill / COVID-19 Revenge War

Me: How would do you do that?
Crown: Human activities have affected the carbon cycle. More precisely, the atmospheric carbon dioxide. Your irresponsible actions have increased the carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere, which led to enhancing the greenhouses and the pollution on the planet earth. Yet, I reinforced lockdown in many places, stopped flights, halted the productions in enterprises. The result is a significant reduction in carbon production.

Stopping the War

Me: What have you done to stop the war in a different corner of the world?
Crown: I can’t fight a war, but I put everyone in the same boat. A boat where everyone is equally vulnerable. I planted fears in every corner. Human beings are stranded in boats, foreign countries, not able to return to their native countries. I let them feel what refugees have been feeling when fleeing from their countries. I made the western world feel vulnerable, insecure, and uncertain about the future. Feelings, people in poor countries have known since they were born. The adjectives poor and rich do not exist anymore. Travel and leisure are no longer the norms for success. People begin to learn about solidarity and vulnerability.  In this vessel, I established one identity and social equity.
Me: But you didn’t stop the war.
Crown: I had no intention to stop it, although, at the very moment, the globe has no time for war. The intelligence and governments are busy finding a new weapon to kill me, aka a cure for humankind. My goal was to establish equity, equal conditions of vulnerability, and fears on the planet earth.  

The Virus Killer

Me: You are acting like a dictator.
Crown: I am not a dictator but a lesson. I am an experience served to let you realize how vulnerable and thoughtless you are. I am the result of your negligence and the revenge of mother nature. I am a dark force and the shadow of your fears.
Me: What will happen to the world?
Crown: I am not a clairvoyant but a little tiny virus who still has many places to go.

Despair and Hope

At this very moment, I felt my dreams crashing and disappearing. Yet, I am a human, and I still have hope in the future. I want to see the blue sky, the robust mountains, the lakes, and the rivers. I want to hear the birds’ melodies. John Lennon was a dreamer but he wasn’t the only one. I hope his wishes come true. My desire is also to live in a world with no greed or hunger, a world with peace.
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