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Summary / COVID 19 Global Measure

COVID 19 global measure, update, and health concern. Before starting, let’s recap what we know about the novel virus. First, evidence showed that the outbreak started when the novel virus jumped from bats to humans. While other scientists still say the animal that transmitted the virus is still unknown. Second, Researchers unanimously agree that the mode of transmission is humans to humans (after the virus jumped from animals to humans). Third, the novel virus is a respiratory virus, aka the means of transmission, are inhaled droplets from an infected person. Nevertheless, the infected droplets may land on surfaces, then the transmission becomes from surfaces to persons. Hence, rule number 1 is disinfection and adequate personal hygiene.

How Long the Novel Coronavirus Remains on Surfaces

According to Samuel Volkin, a healthcare policy analyst and member of the COVID 19 response team at the Johns Hopkins University), the virus remains on surfaces from 6 hours to 72 hours. However, the question is how much from this virus remains viral aka may cause infection. The team of Johns Hopkins stated that the remains of the virus are less than 0.1%, which is unlikely to cause infection. 

New England Journal of Medicine / COVID 19 Global Measure

After a study on the novel coronavirus, the New England Journal of Medicine announced that if COVID 19 is in the air, it will remain there for 3 hours.  To make the experiment researchers produced aerosols infected with the virus. The aerosols floated in the air 3 hours before dropping on surfaces.  However, droplets are heavier than aerosols, hence they fall onto surfaces much faster. 


Chain of Transmission / COVID 19 Global Measure

The chain of the virus transmission has the following elements: infectious agent – Reservoir – Portal of exit – Mode of transport – Portal of entry – Susceptible host

COVID 19-Social Distancing / COVID 19 Global Measure

In the case of COVID 19 (coronavirus infection disease 2019), the virus is zoonotic, it jumped from animal to humans and the transmission continues to be from humans to humans.  The infection can be easily spread from humans to humans when breathing. Inhaling infected air in one of the fundamental ways of becoming infected. Hence the measures for social and events gathering were put in place.  Yet, washing hands is a hygienic measure but not a main mode of the coronavirus transmission.

Why You are More Likely to Catch the Virus When Breathing

When there is low humidity (typical for the weather with low temperature), the virus motility is slow. This characteristic makes the virus spread in the upper respiratory system without being symptomatic and makes its way to the lungs. 

Why Cleaning Surfaces with Disinfectants

Disinfectants and soaps are very effective since the virus has an oily coat. Yet, this oily coat is rendered ineffective when surfaces are disinfected. In this case, the virus loses its ability to infect a potential host.

COVID 19 Vaccine

Coronaviruses may cause 15% to 20% of all cold cases. The virus thrives at a temperature slightly below the normal body temperature. Such a temperature is found in the upper respiratory system. The upper part of the respiratory system is open to the exterior environment. Coronavirus has more than 100 stereotypes known as the common cold. Therefore, there is no vaccine for coronaviruses.  However, scientists started working on a vaccine when there is a pandemic but the transmission of the virus is much faster than a vaccine that might be invented and introduced after the pandemic.


  • Disinfect surfaces – TV remote control, doorknobs, light switches, phones, cellphones, keyboards, countertops, and so on
  • Wash your hands with soaps at least 20 minutes
  • When in public space, keep between yourself and others a 6 foot or 2 meters distance

Be Proactive

Although speculations exist that in warmer weather the virus will not survive, there is no evidence of the reliability of this statement. There have been no studies linking temperature and coronavirus survival.
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