COVID-19 Economic Hardship

Keep your spirit up. You are not alone. One day, the sun will shine again. 

COVID-19 Economic Hardship

COVID-19 economic hardship is a human test. Whereas the novel virus is connected to the seafood or animal market in the Wuhan market, the results are devastating for humanity. A pandemic state was declared. The death toll continues to increase, not to mention the global economic hardship we will be going through. 


World Health Organization – Pandemic State

The world health organization (WHO) declared a pandemic state when the cases started skyrocketing. As of today, the world surpasses 1300 0000 COVID-19 cases, not to mention the death toll this virus is claiming. The novel virus is testing humanity and mankind’s greed. Yet, this pandemic will come to its end  and the question is have we learned our lesson? will we have thoughts of people whose fears for their lives are constant since they live in perpetual war? Those people are deprived of essential health services and food to survive. Our greeds hinder us from seeing the existing poverty, Those people, we call them the ones from developing or third world. 

Flatten the Curve

If we want to flatten the curve, everyone has to have his or her share. All nations across the words are experiencing struggles. Have compassion one to another. Respect the measures and guidelines, Your behavior saves lives.

Data Worldwide as of Today

Coronavirus Cases


Active Cases   


Closed Cases


Recovered Cases


Critical Condition Cases





Although SARS and COVID-19 are the results of 2 different strains of coronavirus, some are comparing them. For starter, SARS has never been declared as a pandemic, while COVID-19 was declared as pandemic since March. Nevertheless, in some countries, there were losses.

SARS Cases – November 2002 to July 2003

Total Cases   






Community Impacts SARS
  • Widespreadprogram cancellations (public health, hospital, long term care, community services)
  • Psychological isolation among patients, health care workers and quarantined contacts
  • Economic hardship for hospitality/ tourism industries and Chinese businesses
  • Academic impact on students in affected schools and universities
Eyes Opener / COVID-19 Economic Hardship

The COVID-19 pandemic opened our eyes to see the truth about our governments. Some governments like Canada are doing their best to alleviate the pain and burden of this pandemic. Monetary packages were put in place, additional food banks have been created, communities started helping each other. However, other countries debated the importance of the economy over humans lives. I am not writing to praise one government or judge another but I am trying to find a better approach if there is any.

Economic Anxiety / COVID-19 Economic Hardship

Despite the different definitions of a pandemic and economic, both go hand in hand. However, there is no health when there is a crashed economy, and a prosperous economy cannot exist with a spare population. COVID-19 dropped the stock market down the sewer. People live in fears and anxiety for the future. Business closures are facts, and loss of employment hovers around. People are desperate and have no plans for the future. Corps are piling in hospital containers and horror is shadowing the streets.

Economic Prosperity Vs Human Lives

Can we find a middle ground approach? The answer is yes. The debates human lives against long-term economic burden is a complex topic. Things we must take into account are what will happen when choosing economic prosperity over human lives? Can we predict a future where humanity is lacking? Are our choices confined to buying houses, cars, and bragging about our possessions? Is the understanding of prosperity linked to GDR growth.  If you are on the prosperity side of the debate, Congratulations! your evolution is pitty progress and you are a robot. We all have to remember life’s cycle. we all are going to die, and we cannot take to the other side our money, cars, and mansions we had. Hence, the best approach is the realistic one. It is defined by doing our best to keep the population as safe as we can. Yet, governments, corporations, and health agencies must work together for the overall wellbeing of their citizens.

Efforts of Governments to Stop the Transmission

Everything is changing with a blink of an eye, cases and deaths are soaring. All efforts include breaking the transmission person to person. Governments are more stringent to enforce physical and social distancing. They even introduced fines for breaking the introduced measures. Self-discipline is required. Warnings are popping out everywhere, Stay indoor to prevent the spread if going out, practice distancing. Shops, restaurants, and businesses closed. Self-isolating is hard by the right thing to do. 

Governments Measures / COVID-19 Economic Hardship

Governments are more stringent to enforce physical and social distancing. The lack of masks made people all across the world creative. They started making their masks. Organizations like Walmart and Shopper drug mart, are stepping on the plate and are donating to help struggling communities, they even increased wages for their employees, especially those on the front-line. Health agencies and health professionals in the front line are risking their lives to save others’ lives. Some hospitals are over-packed and have a shortage of personal protective equipment. The reality started resembling a horror movie. A movie, people are living in and cannot see its end.    

COVID-19 Within the Healthcare System

During the COVID-19, Hospitals all over the world have been struggling. Health care professionals have to deal with difficult decisions, such as allocating respiratory devices for critical patients. They have to opt between younger and older patients. They work with what they have and deal with the shortage of equipment, drugs, and lack of adequate treatment that can save lives.


Command incident Structure During Outbreak or Pandemic
Stay Healthy and Be Compassionate
Keep your spirit up. You are not alone. One day, the sun will shine again. Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy’s first law of equivalent exchange. Those days, the universe is testing our beliefs and asking us to revise our despicable behavior toward the environment, so take a moment to think and adapt yourself to the environment you are in and do never think that you are the one capable of changing the nature and the creatures in it.
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The sun will shine again!