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Survive and Thrive against The Odds of Cancer

How to survive and thrive against cancer and other odds? Along with our first encounter with cancer through the treatment, surgery, and recovery, we hear the word cancer survivors and the statistic attached to this word.  To be honest,  I do not like this description. Whether being mentioned as a survivor or a statistic’s number, I do not like it.  This description makes you an inmate of a system you never want to be in. Hence, It is up to you to tip the scale and build positive thoughts that will prevail. Daily, we survive against all odds. I survived the war in the country I was born in. I survived the struggles while I was a student. I survived my cancer surgery and many others. As far as I know, my life is on a survival mode and I refuse to survive by default. 

Surviving By Default

Surviving by default is like struggling to exist. It is true that cancer robs you and puts you on destress. However, we can juggle, twist, or flip the coin to initiate a new start.  I took off from and endless bottom of darkness and freed myself from the conventional daily life and fears. My disease has helped me to see the bright colors of life and leave the dark shadow of my thoughts. 



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Please Note: The information on this is founded on three kinds of experience: my scientific background, extensive reading of scientific literature, clinical practice, and my own experience with cancer. My Instagram includes both healthier food and food for fun @kitcheninfusion Visit and say Hi!
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