Colon Cancer Statistics

Colon cancer statistics and numbers. Ethnicity has shown a link to colorectal cancer. Studies on immigrants to the US have shown an increase in colorectal cancer incidence. The research proves the role of environmental factors and lifestyle in colorectal cancer. Male Jews born and living in Europe and America are more prone to this disease. On the other hand, the Japanese are more at risk for stomach cancer. However, the offspring of Japanese who migrated to America, are approaching and surpassing the incidence rates of colon cancer in the same population.

Nine out of ten people diagnosed with colon cancer are over 50 years old. Scientists predict a dramatic increase in the incidents of cancer  by 2030. The prediction is that from 14 million incidences in 2012, the new cases will be over 21 million in 2030. The reason is linked to the aging population and the decrease of death related to pneumonia, diarrheal illnesses.

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