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Calories calculator is essential factor we need to know to calculate how much calories we need daily!


The calories needed for an individual varies. Efficient energy expenditure is influenced by age, gender, muscle mass, genetic traits, and physical activities. We cannot talk about energy without referring to dietary thermogenesis and basal metabolic rate.

Calories Calculator / Dietary Thermogenesis/ Transforming Energy to Heat

The term thermogenesis means the production of heat in our body after food consumption. How do we produce this heat? Some of our calories intake, we expend for chewing, swallowing, and digesting foods. There is also an exchange of nutrients at the cells’ level known as metabolism. Some of the energy involved in these activities escapes as heat. This mechanism is fundamental for maintaining constant body temperature in a cold environment – For instance, when shivering heat is released to warm our body. 

Calories Calculator / Basal Metabolic Rate/ Calories we Burn

Rate of energy we burn for the fundamental needs of our body

The rate we burn energy while performing the fundamental needs of our body (chewing, swallowing, nutrients exchange, and breathing) is called basal metabolic rate. This rate is linked to bodyweight loss or gains. The metabolic rate accounts for 30 to 75% of our daily calories expenditure. However, energy expenditure depends on our lifestyle.  

Inactive Person

Physically inactive individual needs 1500 calories and 30% of this energy are expended by the basal metabolism. 

  • 1500 * 30% = 450 calories

Active Person

A physically active male needs 3000 calories and he expends 75% for basal metabolism.                             

  • 3000 * 75% = 2250 calories 

From the information above you can conclude how physical activities are important to maintain a healthy balance, thus disease-free body. Being physically active also helps with preventing inflammation but this is for another topic I will write about and explain the mechanism involved, later on.

Calories Calculator / How to Calculate the Basal Metabolic Rate

We can estimate the rate of our metabolism by a formula. This formula estimates the basal metabolism by gender and weight.

Metabolism calculation according to the body weight

This rate is influenced by physical activities, muscle mass, health status, and genetic traits. When using this formula, allow discrepancy of 10 to 20% (higher or lower than the true number of metabolic rate). 


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