Appetizers Recipes


Appetizers recipes can be easy to make and still delicious and healthy. Here you will find appetizers recipes. They are authentic and easy to make if you follow my directions. All recipes are healthy and earthy. The calorie intake is balanced with our daily calorie intake. Following the directions of every recipe  is a guarantee for a successful dish you have always craved for.

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Baba Ganoush / Appetizers Recipes

Eggplants are used in a variety of dishes, and baba ganoush is among this plethora of variations. All the existing data show that It originates from a big historical geographic area in the Mediterranean. Yet, the many existing variations and they differ slightly by the spicing in it. Click here to see the recipe


Kibbeh with Potatoes / Appetizers Recipes

The Mediterranean cuisine offers a variety of vegetarian side dishes. Lebanon, as a part of the middle east, has its special dishes; kibbeh is one of the vast plethoras the Lebanese cuisine can offers. Kibbeh has different varieties and whether they are with meat  or vegetables all have an earthy and taste buds’ comforting effect. One of the vegan kibbeh family is potatoes kibbeh. This recipe differs from region to region in Lebanon. Potato Kibbeh is a vegetarian dish and one of the most humble dishes as a distinctive taste coming from the earthy spices and herbs combination. Click here to see the recipe


Hummus / Appetizers Recipes

Stories about the origin of hummus are anecdotal. However, the ​first recorded evidence for hummus appeared in a cookbook in Egypt, 13th century; Back then, the recipe was quite different from nowadays dish preparation. In the Middle East, Hummus is very popular as an appetizer and dip. It is also consumed along with other dishes. This appetizer can be topped with a plethora of vegetables or meat. Click here to see the recipe