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If you want more information about cancer, nutrition, and diet, you’re in the right place. If you have questions, please write and ask. The answers are based on scientifically proved information and personal experience. Take the decisions by your own but never follow anecdotal or speculative statements.

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About Us &Cancer Avenue is a place where everyone is equal and supported – no one has to struggle and face cancer alone. The site does not discriminate or have prejudice – No matter where you are from, your gender, your color or your believes. Canceravenue does not recommend treatments or alternative medicine. The site offers reliable and scientifically proved information about conventional treatment for cancer, nutrition, and diet. 

About Us

We can help with reliable information about cancer, Research, Diet, Recipes

What is the biology of cancer? How the cells mutate. The science of biology explains it as follows. Cells can acquire mutations in two different ways, either through somatic mutation or germline (inherited) mutation. On the other hand, somatic mutations are acquired by somatic cells, which are all the cells of the body, except eggs or sperm. The occurring mutations are passed on to daughter cells during cell growth. It is important to remember that these mutations cannot be inherited by offspring. Read more

There are new types of cancer treatment. Read more about precision medicine. Today, when people are diagnosed with cancer, they usually receive the same treatment as others who have same type and stage of cancer. Even so, different people may respond differently, and, until recently, doctors didn’t know why. Researchers have not yet discovered all the genetic changes that can cause cancer to develop, grow, and spread. But, they are making progress and discover new changes every day. Information from this research is being collected in databases where researchers from across the country can access the data and use them in their own studies. Read more

Are the nutrition choices we make, right or wrong? Nutrition has never been a straightforward topic. Hence, to unwind the relationship between diet and health we have to take into consideration different factors. Nutrition has never been a straightforward topic. Hence, to unwind the relationship between diet and health we have to take into consideration different factors. Humans not only have different genetic makeup but also are from different social backgrounds. The social status, education, geographical region, and communities they belong to define who they are and what do they eat. Read more

What is food safety and why do we have to cook safe? Many people around the world are affected by foodborne illnesses; Most susceptible to foodborne diseases are children and the elderly. The information bellow tends to give some tips to avoid some of the related health hazards in food. Read more

Food and recipes are the blueprint of our culture and we carry it wherever we go. Yet, when we leave our nurturing environment, we start adopting outsourced food from the food industry. Our desires become influenced by food giants who do not care about a healthy diet – Although, the labels sometimes show the opposite. Our healthy relationship with food goes down the sewer. Read more

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