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Cancer & diet, words we start checking up when we get diagnosed with this mysterious disease. Once diagnosed, we start to browse for information about the link between the 2 words. Anyway, the only way to keep your fears at bay is to be informed to select the right information. The right information gives us the right tools to make informed decisions. Many sites give information about this topic. Some are advertising the unconventional way of treatment, others recommend the conventional. This site does not support any anecdotal information or statement. However, research has indeed been made to prove the relationship between food choices and reversing cancer . Anyway, much more research is needed to prove the healing effect of food on this disease.

Get Informed

People all over the world have been looking for the truth about this topic. Some speculate about the healing effect of food on this disease. Others think that researchers and governments are hiding the truth about this relationship. The existing information about curing cancer with balanced food  choices is anecdotal. The varieties of cancer types make the research even more difficult (150 types of cancer). However, there is a link between the 2 topics, but there are no exclusive conclusions and findings.

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Info to start about cancer


The human body is made up of trillions of cells. To survive, cells, systems, and organs need oxygen. This oxygen needs to be transported to various locations...


What are the most common types of breast cancer? Breast Cancer Is the second leading cause of cancer death in women approximately 40,000/year.


Prostate cancer and prostate gland anatomy and function. The gland needs a hormone called testosterone to perform its function. This hormone helps ...

Colon & Rectum

Colorectal cancer starts in the tissues of the colon or the rectum. The majority of colorectal cancers are adenocarcinomas. They are associated with mutation of APC, KRAS, and....


Several types of primary liver cancer exist. According to the statistic metastatic malignant cancer cells in the liver are more common in the US and Europe, whereas in Africa and Asia....


Stomach cancer is extremely common worldwide but not in US. Several types of stomach cancer exist. The type of stomach cancer depends on Scientists divide gastric cancer into two main...

Biology of Neoplasms

What is the biology of cancer? How the cells mutate. The science of biology explains it as follows. Cells can acquire mutations in two different ways, either through somatic mutation or germline (inherited) mutation. On the other hand, somatic mutations are acquired by somatic cells.


Many Types of cancer treatment exists. The type of treatment a patient has strongly depends on the type of cancer and how advanced it is. Some people will gave one type of treatment others will have a combination of treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and/ or radiation

Follow healthier food choices

Some of you might say, why do I have to follow a healthy lifestyle if I will not gain immunity against these malignant tumors. It is true, no one can prevent cancer. A healthy lifestyle could minimize the risk of getting this disease, but we cannot minimize the risk to zero. I can talk about my experience before and during cancer. Honestly, I have always followed a balanced diet, and my favorite food has always included vegetables, fruits, and meat. Did my healthy lifestyle help me to avoid this disease? The answer is no. I did not get immunity against this disease, but my body tolerated the exhausting treatment. I am proud to say that I did not take any pain relief medications during the treatment. My blood results kept their normal level during the treatment and after the surgery. This site gives information about  healthier food choices during and after treatment. Please, contact us if you have any request for information related to the topics on this site. We will be happy to send you the requested information.

Nutrition Facts & Health Safety
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Healthier choices

A healthy diet, physical activities, and healthy body weight are the foundation of a person’s health and well being. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential for decreasing the risk of developing serious health outcomes or conditions, such as high cholesterol....


Nutrition has never been a straightforward topic. Hence, to unwind the relationship between diet and health we have to take into consideration different factors. Humans not only have different genetic makeup but also are from different social backgrounds.

Plan food choices

Everything we eat and drink is important for a healthy diet. Healthy eating is a journey influenced by age, accessibility to food, eating traditions, and personal decisions on what to eat. However, a good nutrition is based on various plant foods, a variety of non-starchy ....

Diet Calculator

Calories calculator is essential factor we need to know to calculate how much calories we need daily! The calories needed for an individual varies. Efficient energy expenditure is influenced by age, gender, muscle mass, genetic traits, and physical activities. We cannot talk about energy without referring to dietary thermogenesis and basal metabolic rate.

Nutrition Facts

Do we Do we know the truth about nutrition facts, or all we know is fiction? Is there a discrepancy between what we think is healthy and what we consume? The information on this page aims to clear misconceptions, expand knowledge, raise awareness, and last but not least, provide practical advice to achieve a healthier dietary lifestyle.

Food safety

We all love food, but we are not always aware of the potential harm it can cause when it is contaminated. Food borne diseases start from the ingestion of contaminated food or water with pathogenic agents – Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and toxins. Many people around the world are affected. Most susceptible to food borne illnesses are children and the elderly.

Temperature Control & Safety

Safe temperatures help protect consumers from food poisoning. There are guidelines with recommendations for cooking. Yet, most pathogens are destroyed between 140 °F and 165 °F or 60 °C and 74 °C; Although, poultry has to be cooked at higher temperatures. To be on the safe side it is a good idea to introduce the use of thermometer when cooking. Safe temperatures help protect consumers.

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